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Greater Palm Springs offers events for all ages and interests, from low-key concerts and weekly live music lineups to under-the-radar dinner parties and trivia nights. Whether you’re visiting for a quick getaway or a weeklong “restcation,” there’s always something chill happening in Greater Palm Springs.

Miro's restaurant was established in 1994, shortly after the Terzic family immigrated from Mostar, Yugoslavia. Miro, his wife Mirela and mother Tidja, as well as the rest of the family, tried to combine home style cooking in their little corner restaurant, tucked in the beautiful Plaza del Sol in Palm

The practical minded Rooster has a clear and detailed vision, and the Pig gleefully helps carry out the Rooster's plans. The pair form an excellent partnership and enjoy providing a friendly atmosphere and delicious, globally-inspired cuisine in this independently owned, small restaurant.

A chic and sophisticated décor provides the setting for distinctive "world cuisine", a provocative mix of zesty influences that creates a delightful dining experience in Palm Springs, California. Plush high-backed semicircular banquettes surround our dining room and offer comfortable and private seating. The cuisine has a light, exotic feel with

After suffering a fire in March of 2018, the ebullient eatery has triumphantly returned to the PS stage, although its owner eschews the spotlight. “I don’t really do interviews, so I’m not really good at talking about myself.” Robb Wirt is endearingly humble, but his zeal for hospitality drives him